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Missy Peacharoo's first post - lets meet missy

Hi everyone and welcome to the first edition of Missy Peacharoo’s blog! I’ve absolutely enjoyed every minute of my wonderful journey nibbling on delicious fruit and vegetables every day. I’ve been on many adventures visiting Aussie farms and you can find more on this on my Facebook and Instagram pages. I love to educate and entertain boys and girls about the benefits of eating fresh produce every day. Let’s ‘Hop into Health!’

In the Beginning

In 2016 my best friend and chaperone Mira started a business collaborating with Aussie farmers at Divine Fruits. Mira saw a gap in the awareness of children learning about fresh fruit and vegetables and how important it is to develop healthy eating habits every day. So, Missy Peacharoo was born. Mira and the team created a unique animated character and a furry and cuddly real-life size mascot. It was time to share the incredible adventures of hopping into different farms and learning about delicious fruit and vegetables. Thank you to my followers who join in and shares their experiences on Facebook and Instagram.

Hop Into Health

Fruit and vegetables are important to eat every day boys and girls. They contain lots of vitamins and minerals and keep our bodies strong and stop us from getting sick. I visit many farms and see plenty of different varieties of fruit and vegetables. I’m always excited to taste new produce as the flavours and textures really make my taste buds sing. Here I am in a mango orchard, yes I ate too many and had a very sore belly he he! I hope you ask mum or dad to try a new fruit or vegetable that you haven’t tried before. I would love to hear from you!

Educating and Entertaining

I’m larger-than-life and I love to make learning fun. My interactive games are very colourful and exciting and there are fun educational stencils too. I can hop to the beat with my furry dancing feet. Birthday parties are where I’ll play lots of amusing games with all the boys and girls. Children love educational entertainment and I can create a real buzz at shopping centres. I love to make everyone happy and I’m ready to excite a crowd at your next corporate event. Let’s have fun and ‘Hop into Health’. I would love to be the star of your show!

P.S. I’m ecstatic to share that I cannot wait to hop over and meet all the boys and girls at The Standard Market Company, Southport on Saturday 20th November 2021. Head over to my Facebook event page and register now! Don’t forget to share my adventures on Facebook and Instagram with your family and friends. See you soon…

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  1. The children in my 3-5 year old class absolutely love Missy Peacharoo and its wonderful message about healthy eating. The children enjoy the interactive approach to learning such as dancing to the Missy Peacharoo song, making the fruit kebab, and identifying the different vegetables that grow on trees, vines or ground. Mira and the rest of the team are amazing. Thank you for making learning fun!

    1. Thank you for your wonderful feedback. We are very pleased to hear the children are enjoying Missy Peacharoo’s wonderful world of Australian fruits and vegetables.

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