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Missy Peacharooo has been overindulging in delicious Aussie fruit this season. I love all varieties of melons. My favourite is watermelon and I’ve whipped up a flavourful recipe for all to enjoy. From melons to
berries and citrus fruit, my Watermelon Pizza is sure to create excitement and joy in your home. Parents you’ll enjoy cooking with the kids in Missy Peacharoo’s kitchen.

Aussie Fruit

Watermelons grow predominantly in Queensland, NSW, Northern Territory and Western Australia. In Victoria and South Australia, lower quantities are produced.
Did you know that our hard-working growers produce around 200,000 tonnes of flavoursome melons annually and you can find out more at Melons Australia. I’m sure many of you love that sweet refreshing taste of a watermelon. I love them straight from
the fridge. This simple go-to kids recipe, Watermelon Pizza is colourful and healthy and your guests will be craving for more. Don’t forget parents your children
can safely cut fruit with the amazing 
Kiddi Kutter which comes in 8 different colours.



We are so lucky to enjoy premium quality fruit in Australia all year round. This easy kids recipe is packed with plenty of vitamins and minerals and you can use other tasty fruit too! I’m very excited to hear about your wonderful creative Watermelon Pizza. I hope you enjoy all the different Aussie fruits and entertain your family and friends on many occasions. To see how we created this recipe, click on our Instagram REEL here. You can subscribe to my newsletter to keep on track with
Missy’s farm adventures and more.
Let’s Hop into Health boys and girls!


Step 1

Cut the watermelon into pizza shapes.

Step 2

Dice the apple, grapes, pineapples, plums and oranges or other favourite fruits and place on top of each slice.

Step 3

Drizzle the passionfruit pulp on top and enjoy.


This is one of Missy’s favourite workshops when she visits early learning centers and primary schools


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