Missy Peacharoo

Missy Love

Missy Peacharoo is always a crowd favourite with both children and adults. Read some of the wonderful comments below from some of her greatest fans…

“Mira deserves praise for creating Missy Peacharoo, a bubbly, enjoyable, and child-focused educational entertainer. Providing younger generations with vital information about the importance of fruits and veggies. I was privileged to be selected as the choreographer for the new Missy Peacharoo music video that is planned to be released soon! The Missy peacharoo team demonstrated professionalism, enthusiasm and a friendly demeanor throughout my experience working alongside them! I highly recommend Missy Peacharoo as a child educator and entertainer!”
Katelyn Bettinson
“Missy Peacharoo was absolutely fantastic! We contracted the Missy Peacharoo show for Moreton Kids Festival 2023 and it was an absolute hit. If you are searching for a show that is not only interactive, but educational and entertaining as well than Missy Peacharoo is the show for you. 10/10 performance and fantastic organizational skills in the leadup to the event as well. I would definitely recommend this show for other events.”
Moreton Kids Festival
“My kids absolutely love Missy Peacharoo! It’s so good to see a fun wholesome character helping teach kids about where their fruit and vegetables come from in such a fun way. We love the way she shares her adventures on different farms and our children love learning about Australian produce!”
Mitch Proestos
“Missy Peacharoo is so fun and vibrant! She is really making an impact in the fresh fruit and vegetable industry!”
Dugdell Family – Kumbia stone fruit growers
“Thanks for creating such a fun-loving character that children can relate to! We love that you are promoting healthy eating in a fun way and educating kids on all the fun facts about fruit and vegetables. A fantastic initiative, we love Missy Peacharoo!”
Westridge Fruit and Vegetables
“Missy Peacharoo is educational & fun. Parents and teachers, follow Missy with your kids to play along and have a guess where she is going next! Missy provides insight into learning about different fruit and veggies making it fun & interesting for kids to explore. It’s a great concept for children to learn about where fruit & veggies come from, where/how they are grown and in turn encourage them to eat more fruit and veggies! Missy’s message is vital in teaching our children the important role that fruits & veggies have in developing strong healthy minds and bodies.”
Emerald Fruit Barn
“The children enjoyed the Missy Peacharoo show while they also learned about healthy food choices and where our fruits come from. They were keen to make their own rainbow fruit kebab and try the many different fruits. They especially loved singing and dancing with Mira and Missy Peacharoo and giving lots of hugs at the end of the show. Meeting Missy Peacharoo was fun and exciting.”
Kinder Cottage Early Education Centre
“Mira & Tony have created an incredible education for program children that deserves every bit of success, and then some! I was fortunate to be put in contact with Mira for a Music Video Production, and she was an absolute pleasure to work with throughout the entire process. Her pre-production planning was well executed and production was the most enjoyable one I've been a part of yet! You can really tell they want to help make a seriously positive change to children's eating habits, and I'm all here for it. If you are thinking of booking with Missy Peacharoo, just do it. You'll only see positive results!”
On Time Media Productions
"Missy Peacharoo truly is an inspiration! We love the way she shares her adventures on different farms and our children love learning about Australian produce."⁠
iFruit Fresh
“Missy Peacharoo is an absolutely wonderful character and role model for my children. My almost 3-year-old is obsessed and it’s great to see her encouraged by Missy Peacharoo to eat and learn about fruit and veggies while having fun at the same time.”
Lauren Keeves
“My family and I absolutely love the concept of Missy Peacharoo. So beautiful to see an Australian animal mascot educating the children in a fun and engaging way to encourage healthy eating while teaching them all about different fruit and vegetables. I would love to see Missy Peacharoo in schools and shopping centres and becoming part of all Australian kids lives. Thanks for creating such a fun-loving character.”
Emily Christos - Foodplattermum
“The Standard Market Company had the pleasure of Missy Peacharoo visit our store at the Brickworks Southport. Missy was so engaging and had the kids completely enthralled. She definitely created some in-store buzz and excitement with her visit.”
The Standard Market Company
Corporate Event Client
Missy Peacharoo’s visit was so enjoyable. Our Kindergarten children at Benowa Early Learning Centre had lots of fun learning about where our fruits and vegetables come from and also making the fruit kebabs! What a great educational show!
Benowa Early Learning Centre