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Sauteed Plums

Miss Mira has worked alongside many fruit stone fruit growers before she ventured into the world of Missy Peacharoo. With flavoursome yellow and red centered plums grown in Queensland, NSW and Victoria, it’s no wonder our stone fruit is world class and super tasty. Plums are still be harvested and this Sauteed Plums recipe is definitely one to add to your dessert menu. You can thank us later.

8-10 red centered plums⠀
2 tablespoons of maple syrup ⠀
1 teaspoon of vanilla essence ⠀
30g unsalted butter⠀




Our Aussie farmers grow the most delicious fruit and vegetables. I’m very grateful for all the hard work they do, and I absolutely enjoy nibbling my way through the farms he he! Find out more about the farmers and all the fruit and vegetable industries at Hort Innovation. I’m also happy to know your children are eating whole foods with plenty of vitamins and minerals. Happy, healthy kids! Don’t forget you can watch the Fruit Rainbow recipe video on my Instagram REEL. Parents, share a comment about what your children enjoyed most. Missy can’t wait to hear!! One more very important note, I would love for you to subscribe to my newsletter too! Missy Peacharoo makes learning fun!


Step 1

Slice the plums. ⠀

Step 2

Melt butter in a pan and add plums.

Step 3

Sautee for a couple of minutes and add maple syrup and vanilla essence.

Step 4

Cool down the plums before topping on ice cream.


I’ve made this several times now and it was so moreish that Missy Peacharoo and I enjoy it every weekend. The flavours of the maple syrup and vanilla essence combined with melted butter without a doubt make this Sauteed Plums recipe an incredible dessert. Missy Peacharoo would love to see your creative dish, don’t forget to tag Missy Peacharoo and we’ll share it with our friends. Subscribe to our very cool newsletter for all things fruit and veggies, events and more. Hop Into Health with Missy Peacharoo!


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