Missy Peacharoo

Missy Peacharoo Nourish Board


Introducing Missy’s Nourish Board Kit – your gateway to fun learning! This vibrant package comes with an engaging 600mm x 900mm poster, delightful velcro stick-on fruits and vegetables, and a captivating lesson plan to make children’s fruit and veggie experience a thrilling adventure.

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Introducing ‘Missy Peacharoo’s Nourish Board’ – Connecting kids with fresh produce. An innovative resource kit designed to spark a love for fruits and vegetables among young learners at early education centres.

Are you searching for a creative and engaging way to encourage children to enjoy fruits and vegetables every day? Look no further than Missy’s Nourish Board – a dynamic resource kit crafted to make healthy eating an exciting adventure.

Tailored to early learning centres, the resource combines play, conversation, and nourishment, encouraging a holistic approach to lifelong healthy habits.

Key Features:

Home-to-centre dialogue: Empower children to become the heroes of their own healthy eating journey. This resource encourages children to share their at-home fruit and veggie experiences with their friends and caregivers.

Classroom engagement materials: Enrich the learning environment with engaging visuals. Further immerse children in the world of nutrition, fostering an atmosphere of curiosity and excitement.

Lesson plan: Our board includes an educator’s guide, complete with activity suggestions, and strategies to integrate the board seamlessly into your centres’ curriculum.


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