Missy Peacharoo

New Years Eve with Missy Peacharoo

Happy New Year! New Year’s Eve with Missy Peacharoo was without a doubt an incredible and memorable experience. This larger-than-life character was overjoyed to share in the kid’s entertainment at Varsity Lakes Promenade on the Gold Coast. There was a buzz in the air and a sea of smiles when the fun-loving, furry Aussie fruit and veg mascot arrived.

Cuddles Galore

Despite the evening’s gusty winds and showers, nothing could get in the way of Missy Peacharoo creating excitement and fun. Children meandered over for a glimpse of the cute n cuddly kangaroo and they just couldn’t resist the temptation to envelop her peach belly. From toddlers to teens, Gold Coast children eagerly awaited to learn about the adorable mascot. Chaperone Mira shared insights into Aussie fruit and vegetables and the importance of forming healthy eating habits. It was interesting to hear from children talking about what fruit and veggies they liked best. Missy Peacharoo hopped and tapped her furry feet with joy!

Larger Than Life

This adorable character strolled merrily along the boardwalk handing out stickers, giving hi 5’s when suddenly a lively little toddler stopped in her tracks launching himself holding onto her peach-belly and giggling with excitement. It was a playful and fun moment. Looks like someone was captivated for New Year’s Eve with Missy Peacharoo. Ready to go on stage and much to our surprise the unexpected toddler appeared. Laughter filled the air. Luckily the parent arrived in time. It was a heartfelt moment for Missy to be on stage. Excited families walked over to take photos sharing the joy and validating the importance of Missy Peacharoo to create awareness about eating fresh fruit and vegetables every day.

Missy Nibbles on Summer Fruit

Who else has been enjoying delicious Aussie summer fruit? Missy has been busy visiting many orchards and nibbling on tasty peaches, nectarines, apricots, plums and cherries. In Australia, our farmers grow white and yellow peaches and nectarines some of which are sweet or tangy or both. Missy says the flavours are incredible as she indulges in an ice-cream summer fruit combo. There are healthy flavoursome veggies in season right now like broccoli, beans, capsicums, carrots and much more. Crunching on them fresh or baking and stir-frying are some yummy options. Missy cannot wait to hear what your child’s favourite seasonal fruit and vegetables are and you can comment below.

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