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Nectarine Smoothie

It’s stone fruit season and it’s time for the kids to get creative. Missy Peacharoo enjoys nectarines fresh and also in a delicious smoothie. This summerfruit is so healthy packed with vitamin C. I am sharing this super easy nectarine smoothie recipe as it’s the perfect healthy, refreshing drink in spring and summer.




In Australia, farmers grow stone fruit between September and April. Missy would like to introduce you to 2 amazing families who call Kumbia their home and they’re harvesting stone fruit right now. Based in the South Burnett region of Queensland the Dugdell family are passionate and they love what they do. The South Burnett is one of the earlier stone fruit growing regions of Australia. Brothers Tony and Matt Dugdell say their fruit is far more tastier than when they first started. It’s wonderful to know that the families are very much dedicated to continue the family legacy, producing tasty peaches, nectarines and plums year after year. The kiddies are munching on them everyday!

Great friends and neighbours down the road are the Francis family who also grow Kumbia stone fruit. A modest farming family, their quality, and taste never ceases to amaze the market. The Francis’s own and operate a stone fruit orchard which supplies peaches, nectarines, plums, and avocados. Varieties such as Snow Angel, Polar Lite, White Knight and Amber Crest are just some of the yummy peaches and nectarines they grow. If you’re wondering where you can buy Kumbia stone fruit, ask your friendly green grocer today.


Step 1

Slice nectarines and bananas.

Step 2

Add the fruit, yoghurt, honey and cinnamon and blitz in a blender.

Step 3

Top with fresh mint leaves or strawberries or fruit of your choice and enjoy!

Step 2

We love stone fruit season, it’s the best time of year! Now that we have shared some insights into these divine summerfruits, it’s time to grab some and get blitzing. Missy Peacharoo can’t wait to see your creation!


What better way to get the kids eating healthy than with a delicious nectarine. Nectarines like peaches are full of vitamin A, B3 and C. This fruit promotes good brain health and cognition (B3) and is great for your skin. Vitamin C aids a healthy immune system. To intensify the flavour, leave them on your kitchen bench at room temperature. You’ll notice the difference. Eat them fresh or you may want to caramelise and add to your favourite icecream. Now it’s time for the kids to create this simple nectarine smoothie.


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