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Missy Peacharoo's visit to kinder cottege

Childhood Nutrition

Hop into health is Missy Peacharoo’s tagline – aligned with educational fun and entertainment tapping into the fruits and vegetables world. A true reflection of what the children at Kinder Cottage Early Education Centre recently experienced. Missy Peacharoo created a real buzz!

 Childhood nutrition has a major influence on health throughout the entire lifespan. Despite this, 99% of Australian children do not meet the recommended daily serves of fruit and vegetables. It is important to introduce a variety of fruits and vegetables early in a child’s life. Children’s food preferences are directly linked to familiarity and consumption patterns. The earlier in the child’s life and the broader the exposure to fruits and vegetables, the healthier the child’s diet. A healthy diet in childhood promotes motor and cognitive development. It also prevents nutrient deficiencies which can cause major health concern later in life.

Obesity, hypertension, and cardiovascular disease later in life have a direct correlation to childhood nutrition. Adequate nutrition in early childhood allows children to maintain concentration, improves memory, strengthens bones, builds muscle, provides energy, and ensures blood quality. Let’s hop into health!

Kinder Cottage Early Education Centre’s philosophy is about creating an environment that is an extension of the child’s home. Missy Peacharoo’s visit to Kinder Cottage was a true reflection of this. Our cuddly character was ready to entertain. Chaperone Mira shared insights into the seasonal fruits and vegetables. Children were excited talking about their favourite fruits and vegetables. Captivated entirely with Missy’s cute features, everyone was ready to play.

Some children knew fruits and vegetables grew on trees and in the ground. It was great to see that our fun interactive game was a fantastic tool to be able to create greater awareness and familiarity of various seasonal fruits and vegetables. Missy encouraged everyone giving endless hi-5’s and hopped with joy. One child mentioned how much he enjoys going to visit his grandparents to pick apples. It was heartening to see the smiles on the dials as the children immersed themselves into the colourful world of fresh produce.

Kebabs may be a family favourite. Kebabs aside, this fruity kebab was a deliciously healthier option. We’re talking about those pretty fruit rainbow skewers. Children can enjoy making this simple recipe at home with mum or dad. We included watermelon, paw paw, pink lady apples, green grapes, plums and blueberries. Everyone lined up, filled their bowls and it was time to get creative. Missy Peacharoo encouraged boys and girls. The smiles on the dials was priceless, many children asked for second helpings. Missy Peacharoo’s visit to Kinder Cottage was certainly fun introducing delicious and healthy fruits, some of which were a first for many children.

To wrap up this amazing show, the adorable character just had to get her toe-tapping feet into gear, ready for the song and dance. Missy’s song is catchy and everyone couldn’t get enough of the fun dance moves. Well didn’t her peach-belly get a was enveloped by huge cuddles and giggles. ‘We love you Missy,’ echoed throughout the centre. All the children couldn’t stop cuddling the furry character.

We would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to the entire team at Kinder Cottage Early Education Centre. Chaperone Mira and the team received wonderful positive feedback on the day. Missy Peacharoo’s visit to Kinder Cottage had her dreaming for several nights about the joy experienced by all the children. To all the parents, we hope that Missy Peacharoo’s gift bags filled your child’s day with joy. This is our Instagram REEL.

If your child care centre would love Missy Peacharoo to share the wonderful world of Aussie fruits and vegetables click here to find out more.

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