Missy Peacharoo

Missy Peacharoo Entertains Children at Bulima State School

Missy Peacharoo hopped to new heights visiting the incredible Bulimba State School for her very first primary school fun day. The furry character was overwhelmed with joy. A huge thank you to Joe and Serge Carbone from Feast on Fruit and Delicatessen for sponsoring the visit. Missy Peacharoo entertains students about all things fruit and vegetables.

It was very exciting to see the children so engaged in growing their own fruit and veggies. Missy was joined by resident farmer James who helps educate students on harvesting and sustainability. Bulimba Sate Schools’ passion lies in teaching students about healthy eating through the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program. A program designed to introduce pleasurable food education to grade 3-6 students. Complete with their very own terrace garden full of student nurtured fruit and veggies, and full kitchen, it was a pleasure to see how engaged the kids were, the garden even has a bee hive!

Heartfelt Student Stories

Missy loved meeting the children and there was lots of laughs, hugs and hi fives. The cute children’s entertainer particularly enjoyed hearing some students share stories of their experiences with fresh fruit and veggies. One student shared a story about his grandparents making raspberry pie that he would help create. Another was overwhelmed with Missy’s big peach belly he went home to ask mum and dad to buy some peaches! Missy Peacharoo entertains students sharing the wonderful healthy world of fruit and vegetables.

Throughout the morning the children played one of Missy Peacharoo’s favourite games – pin the fruit and vegetables. It was time to guess where their favourite fruit or veggie grows. Missy Peacharoo entertains students creating a colourful and energizing atmosphere. Next, it was time to get cooking. Bulimba State School has a cool purpose built educational kitchen run by the lovely Educator Sara Breckenridge. The students made a healthy snack with Missy, a delicious watermelon pizza. It was great to see many children trying particular fruit options for the first time and absolutely loving it! Needless to say there were no leftovers. The cute mascot was excited with the colourful creations.

Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program

After the children enjoyed their healthy snack it was time to get active! Missy’s toe tapping feet got the children singing and dancing to her favourite catchy tune, even the teachers couldn’t stop singing. Thank you to Joe and Serge from Feast on Fruit and Delicatessen, the team at Bulimba State School and Principal Zeuschner who even made an appearance to meet Missy Peacharoo and of course the children who were so much fun! Missy Peacharoo entertains students and makes learning fun! The furry character is looking forward to returning next time to share more about fresh produce and healthy eating habits. If you would like Missy Peacharoo to visit your school head to our website for more information. Don’t forget to subscribe to Missy’s newsletter here and check out our YouTube video. Hop into Health!

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