Missy Peacharoo

Hampton Festival

Did someone say road trip? Missy packed up her fruit and vegetables and headed out to the beautiful High Country Hamlets region of Toowoomba. Buzzing with excitement and her furry dancing feet, Missy’s team was raring to go. Miss Mira and Farmer Tony in toe, it was time for Missy to entertain children at the inaugural Hampton Festival.

A first for Missy, it was time to get a true taste of this outstanding micro region. This event is a cultural extravaganza of local food, fresh produce, arts and of course entertaining children. The annual Hampton Festival offers an authentic day out for visitors to experience this unique region. It’s an abundance of natural beauty and local produce.

Nestled in amongst the luscious Ravensbourne National Park about 25 minutes from Toowoomba, the festival boasts a cultural insight. It offers patrons a chance to learn new skills with the arts and food workshops. There’s delicious food stalls and local chefs showcasing local produce. Set amongst awe inspiring country scenery, the Hampton Festival was a bustling hype of activity. This was a day of fun for the whole family to enjoy. A huge thank you to the Events Director Wendy and the team for inviting Missy to this incredible event. Thank you to Jason the puppeteer and fellow entertainer for an amazing day.

Colourful Interactive Fun


Missy couldn’t wait to meet the children and get them moving with her favourite educational games and more. Starting off, Missy invited the children to play pin the fruit and vegetables one of her favourite games. Missy was delighted to see the children were well informed about some seasonal fruits and vegetables. There were endless many smiles on the dials. The kids loved to show off their knowledge to Missy and learn some more fun facts about fresh produce. The children loved those peach-belly cuddles with many returning for more fun and games throughout the day.

After some educational excitement and an invitation for the children to share their love for local produce, Missy was ready for more fun. The furry character was excited to show off her new game. Children were buzzing with energy when the oversized watermelon appeared. The little munchkins were encouraged to grab their favourite fruit hack sack and it was time to play. Everyone tossed their hack sacks into the watermelon creating a colourful display of fruit salad. Missy was hopping with joy!

Families Join in Missy’s Song and Dance

It was time to play the Missy Peacharoo song. With her toe tapping feet in action the fun-loving character was buzzing and ready to go. Parents, grandparents and children alike enjoyed getting into the groove singing and dancing. Children were enthralled by Missy they requested the song and dance a number of times. Missy’s arm didn’t need twisting for that! A highlight was when the children began singing to Missy’s song, her heart was full.

Missy and the team enjoyed everything about the Hampton Festival, including making new friends and trying the local food. There were lots of photo opportunities. Missy absolutely enjoyed hearing the excitement of the children when they shared with their families what they’d experienced. Please check out our REEL on Instagram to follow Missy’s fruit and vegetables journey. You can subscribe to our newsletter online to stay up to date with events and more. If you would like to book missy for your next event head to our website for more information.

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