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Fruit makes me smile and fills my day with joy. This colourful Fruit Rainbow is deliciously healthy and can be enjoyed all year round. From tropical to pome fruit and flavourful berries and citrus; this is one way to make cooking with kids very exciting. Let’s hop into Missy Peacharoo’s kitchen!

Most children love to help out in the kitchen and there are endless opportunities to create wonderful fruit recipes. Missy Peacharoo loves to see kids in the kitchen as it helps them explore new whole foods and encourages healthy eating habits. I love the ‘Rainbow Song’ and I was hopping to the beat creating this tasty Fruit Rainbow recipe. It makes my tail wiggle and my belly tingle with joy!
This simple recipe can not only be created in the shape of a rainbow but there are other wonderful ideas. Perhaps you prefer a fruit rainbow skewer. It’s quicker and saves you time and you won’t need as much fruit. Another alternative is to freeze and blitz individual fruits turning it into a rainbow smoothie. The colours are so vibrant displayed in a tall glass. I’ve included many colourful fruits so that you can try new fruit flavours. Here is my recipe and I hope you ‘Hop into Health’ with Missy Peacharoo!



Our Aussie farmers grow the most delicious fruit and vegetables. I’m very grateful for all the hard work they do, and I absolutely enjoy nibbling my way through the farms he he! Find out more about the farmers and all the fruit and vegetable industries at Hort Innovation. I’m also happy to know your children are eating whole foods with plenty of vitamins and minerals. Happy, healthy kids! Don’t forget you can watch the Fruit Rainbow recipe video on my Instagram REEL. Parents, share a comment about what your children enjoyed most. Missy can’t wait to hear!! One more very important note, I would love for you to subscribe to my newsletter too! Missy Peacharoo makes learning fun!


Step 1

Parents you can buy kiddi kutters so the kids can cut food safely.
Cut the watermelon, pineapple and orange into cubes.

Step 2

Cut the apple into cubes using the skin side up.

Step 2

Slice the plum into thin slices using the skin side up.

Step 2

Slice the grapes in half.

Step 2

Create an arch with the watermelon and follow on the inside of the arch with the pineapples, apples, grapes, plums, oranges and blueberries.


For that extra zing and flavour, I like to squeeze some lime juice over all the fruit.
Enjoy the fruit rainbow alone or add your favourite topping. Yummy!!


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