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Childhood nutrition has a major influence on health throughout the entire lifespan. Despite this, 99% of Australian children do not meet the recommended daily serves of fruit and vegetables and that’s why It is important to introduce a variety of fruits and vegetables early in a child’s life. The earlier in the child’s life and the broader the exposure to fruits and vegetables, the healthier the child’s diet.

Adequate nutrition in early childhood allows children to maintain concentration, improves memory, strengthens bones, builds muscle, provides energy, and ensures blood quality.


Would you like Missy Peacharoo to visit your Early Learning Centre?

Missy Peacharoo makes learning fun…. Our children’s entertaining show provides interactive games, little chefs and song and dance about Australian seasonal fruit and veggies.

Available for Single appearances and our NEW seasonal program designed to educate and entertain throughout the year with NEW games, NEW fun  targeting seasonal produce.

Our seasonal program includes 4 shows over spring, summer, autumn and winter and includes new activities focussed on a range of seasonal fruit and vegetable varieties. The program aligns with the Early Years Learning Framework principles in the Quality Area of Children’s Health and Safety.

vist Includes

Missy Cuddles

Children love Missy cuddles and high fives. Allowing the children and adults to engage and share stories and cuddles with Missy Peacharoo.

interactive games

Children learn through interactive games, and develop hand eye co-ordination, colour matching, and learning where fresh produce grows.

Little Chefs

Children can participate in a fruit or vegetable workshop, encouraging the children to try new food and create fun fruit and veggie plates

song and dance

Being active is important for young learners. Missy encourages children to get active and have FUN, with her toe-tapping feet and catchy song.

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