Missy Peacharoo

Children's Entertainment

Missy Peacharoo’s first public appearance was a sight to see. Darling Downs Warwick Rose City Shopping World welcomed the fun-loving furry Aussie fresh produce character. Families gathered eagerly awaiting to see a glimpse of this larger-than-life cuddly mascot. Mesmerized by her cute face and peach belly, children ran over to cuddle the cute character, there were smiles all around. Kids had a lot of fun playing with Missy sharing all things fruit and vegetables. It was the perfect children’s entertainment.

Interactive Educational Activities

Many families were excited as children interacted with Missy Peacharoo; the bubbly character overjoyed doing her little dance hop creating a real buzz! Chaperone Mira talked about what Missy Peacharoo does and how and where fruit and vegetables grow. The furry character couldn’t stop herself hopping from table to table engaging with everyone. Helpers Mia and Mantaj assisted with the colourful games where children had to guess where the fruit or vegetable grows. The excitement heightened as the colouring in stencils appeared. Missy was there to encourage everyone and make learning fun. It was wonderful children’s entertainment.

Supportive Community

A big shout out to the entire team at Rose City Shopping World who supported our event in the lead-up and on the day. Missy Peacharoo’s posters were on every corner of the centre. To the radio stations, 91.9 HIT FM and 864 MMM thank you for promoting Missy Peacharoo throughout the week. Thank you to the mums and dads who showed up with their children and thank you for your kind words. We are grateful for your support! Missy Peacharoo enjoyed every minute of the show.

Missy Peacharoo makes learning fun! If your shopping centre would like to include this wonderful children’s entertainment with the much-loved Missy Peacharoo, call us now! Don’t forget to follow her adventures on Facebook and Instagram. Click here for the YouTube video and don’t forget to subscribe to Missy’s channel!

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