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Missy’s song

Missy’s favourite song and dance number is now available to download! “Whats your favourite food” https://www.missypeacharoo.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2023/01/Whats-your-favourite-food-1.mp4


Welcome to Missy Peacharoo’s Blog

Missy Peacharoo’s first post – lets meet missy Hi everyone and welcome to the first edition of Missy Peacharoo’s blog! I’ve absolutely enjoyed every minute of my wonderful journey nibbling


5 Tips For Early Educators To Promote Healthy Eating

5 Tips for early educators to promote healthy eating The promotion of healthy foods is an integral part of an early educator’s role. There is an invaluable opportunity to encourage


Roma Street Parklands Kids Collective

Roma Street Parklands Kids Collective Schools out, but that doesn’t have to mean the learning stops. Missy Peacharoo was recently invited to entertain and educate children at Roma Street Parklands Kids Collective school


Hampton Festival

Hampton Festival Did someone say road trip? Missy packed up her fruit and vegetables and headed out to the beautiful High Country Hamlets region of Toowoomba. Buzzing with excitement and


Benowa Early Learning Centre

Benowa Early Learning Centre Missy Peacharoo had a whole belly full of fun recently as part of Benowa Early Learning Centre’s incursions. The cute character was welcomed by big smiles on the


Missy Peacharoo’s visit to Kinder Cottage

Missy Peacharoo’s visit to kinder cottege Childhood Nutrition Hop into health is Missy Peacharoo’s tagline – aligned with educational fun and entertainment tapping into the fruits and vegetables world. A


New Years Eve with Missy Peacharoo

New Years Eve with Missy Peacharoo Happy New Year! New Year’s Eve with Missy Peacharoo was without a doubt an incredible and memorable experience. This larger-than-life character was overjoyed to share in