Missy Peacharoo

Benowa Early Learning Centre

Missy Peacharoo had a whole belly full of fun recently as part of Benowa Early Learning Centre’s incursions. The cute character was welcomed by big smiles on the dials in a beautiful natural leafy setting, making her feel right at home. It was time to share in the fun with all things fruits and vegetables.

Benowa Early Learning Centre is the perfect place to help kids learn and grow. Providing a wholesome kitchen menu with a focus on good food and seasonal produce direct from their homegrown veggie garden. It’s no wonder the centre was keen to welcome Missy Peacharoo to share the wonderful world of fresh produce. The fun-loving character began the day teaching the kiddies all about healthy fruits and vegetables and how and where they grow. Impressed by the children’s willingness to share stories about their favourite times they prepared a dish with fruit or vegetables and even trying the fruit during the cooking class for the first time. Missy has a big smile on her dial.

Cooking made fun

Lots of brainwork led to some hungry tummies and it was time for some real fruit fun! Excited to create their very own delicious fruit skewers with all the colours of the rainbow, children couldn’t wait to share their magical creations with Missy! Mira talked about the importance of eating the colours of the rainbow and the wonderful health benefits. Children engaged sharing their favourites. Today’s menu was scrumptious bananas, watermelon, strawberries, granny smith apples and oranges. The colours were delightful and very enticing as children were eager to start. Needless to say that many went for a second helping. Missy hopped from desk to desk encouraging and applauding as the kindy kids indulged in their healthy snack.

Interactive fun games

Our show provides colourful interactive games and the children absolutely enjoyed every minute. One of Missy’s favourite games, pin the fruit and vegetables created a real buzz. Children were quick to get into teams and start the fun! Choosing their favourite colour in a fruit or vegetable and guessing if it grows on a tree, bush or in the ground, really had their brains ticking away. Missy shared some sneaky clues and there were plenty of giggles. The children were overjoyed to show off their new knowledge and share a hi-five and a cuddle with the adorable character.

Music provides an opportunity for children to learn and mimic the actions of others and enjoy themselves. It was time for some toe-tapping fun with Missy’s song and dance. All the children were quick to learn the moves and words and Missy was hopping to the beat with everyone. Everyone enjoyed learning about healthy eating habits, fresh fruit and veggies and the abundance of cuddles, hi-fives and fist pumps with the furry character. Missy Peacharoo and the team are very grateful and thank all of the staff and the children for a fun morning. You can watch our fun Instagram REEL with Missy Peacharoo entertaining at the Benowa Early Learning Centre. If your child care entre would like to book Missy Peacharoo to create some fruit and veggie fun, head to our website now! ‘Hop into Health’ children!

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